Auf Grandtal im hohen Norden gibt es viele verlassene Orte, die in Vergessenheit geraten sind. (Ilya Nazarov Concept Art and Illustration)

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God of War: Ascension Concept Art

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Inspiring Concept Art by Christopher Balaskas | Cruzine

Croods tree concepts

✦ O Outro Plano ✦

Concept Art by Edward Del Rio

Reminds me of 'castle in the sky' For this concept design the artist has gone for a fantasy theme. The mood of the design is positive with the vibrant colours and there is a sense of mystery and magic with the castle/temple.

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Snow Mountain by Ling Xiang

Environment Concept Art by Hamen

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Kazuo Oga concept art "If you get the chance-visit Studio Ghibli. These things are often pinned onto the studio walls! Astounding." KB

Donglu Yu Concept Art and Illustration