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  • Dawn Fields

    Even if they're already asleep. Always!!

  • Janine

    Always kiss your children goodnight - unless they -like Malachi- claim they're "too old" for kisses & they ask for 'fist bumps' instead ... then always give your kids fist bumps good night. <3 haha ;)

  • Chelsea Eckerman

    Even if they're already asleep.... I kiss B SO many times! I check on her at least 3 times before I go to bed! Every time she gets a kiss.

  • Cece Flores

    I ALWAY'S kiss my children goodnight

  • LiveCharmed | DeeAnne White

    Even if they're already asleep, and even if you've had a disagreement that day.

  • Linda Sandoval

    ...even if they're already asleep <3

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This is beautiful and would be a wonderful quote to put between tiny handprints and give to new parents on the first day their infant attends our center. I plan to share with with our baby room gals!

I want to hang this somewhere in my home. Best thing about it? It's a free download.

"The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children." #QOTD #SmartMom

Don't know why I am pinning it but it appealed to me.....maybe because it has been freaking forever since I have been kissed!

If I could tell my children anything about their children,, this would be it!!!

Making lots of memories. It may be busy busy and always on the go w/them but they will look back as will I and cherish the memories we have of these days!

Ive wanted to be a mommy since i can remember! I prayed that i could be a mommy because that has always been my goal in life and God blessed me with the greatest little girl in the whole world! I have no words for how much i love her and how much better she makes my life!!! Mommy loves you Ella :)

Educate them to be happy. That is what matters in life!

while I do agree with this, I believe said child(ten) will remember the feeling of being left out when say, a grandparent, buys more for the other grandchild and seems to forget the others or spends significantly less, very obviously less. That makes em feel like crap and way less important. Add in zero time spent with said child from grandparent and there ya go.

I love you forevermore! I hate not being home 3 nights a week.