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  • Katelyn

    Full body workout - not into the whole hypey "drop a dress size" thing - but good exercises for strength & balance

  • Michelle Bost

    Stability ball workout

  • Eva Ellmaker

    Drop an Entire Dress Size With This Speedy Strength Workout....

  • Lauren Silva

    Stability ball exercises

  • Elizabeth Wilson

    Ball bridge fly Works hips, hamstrings, butt, chest, arms, and shoulders (top) Lie on back with feet on top of exercise ball and legs straight. Don’t lock your knees.Hold 5- to 8-pound dumbbell arms raised over chest. Press heels into ball, and lift hips so body forms a straight line.dont let your hips sag. 2.Bend elbows slightly, open arms a few inches to the side; hold 10 seconds. Open 2 inches more, and hold 10 seconds; repeat 3 more times. Close arms in 4 (10-second) increments.

  • Real Life Workouts

    best chest exercises to lift up those girls

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7 minutes HIIT workout, do every exercise 30 seconds with 2 to 3 session and interval rest for 10 seconds

Follow this routine 4 times a week (with 1 day of rest in between) and you'll shrink a size in a month.

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Lying Rotary Torso (works abs) - Lie on back with legs lifted straight up, arms spread out to sides, palms down. Lower legs a few inches to the left and pause for 10 sec. Lower legs 2 in. more and pause for another 10 sec. Repeat 3 more times until legs are hovering above the floor (keep R shoulder down). Raise legs back to center in four 10-second increments. Repeat on opposite side.


exercise ideas for when I don't want to leave the house

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What to eat before and after your workout. I would recommend coconut or almond milk in place of the low-fat milk for the smoothie. Also, add in a handful of spinach or other green to make the smoothie even more powerful!

Drop an Entire Dress Size With This Speedy Strength Workout via Health Magazine #fitness #strong

A dumbbell arm, chest, and shoulder workout! (If you dont know how to do an exercise, stick its name into Google to learn the proper technique.)