I love the one colorful point of focus

Man, woman and umbrella - This is a picture of a Man, woman and umbrella. It shows a man and woman is standing below an umbrella. The lady is leaning over.

What girl doesn't like being twireld around by a guy and what guy doesn't hope to twirl sum girl in his lifetime.

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"Under the Umbrella"

Couple kissing under an umbrella. neutral cold tones of their outfits and umbrella are instantly warmed up by the grassy field around them.

I have the perfet umbrella for Jon and I ....now we just need to get some rain when we are together :)

Take a picture during each season of your first married year and frame them in four of the same frames for a nice display. LOVE the rain pic idea! Idk why I love pics in the rain!

L.O.V.E. sooo cute!

Take A Lovely Portrait To put a playful spin on one of their wedding portraits, this couple threw up their hands, shaping them to spell out "LOVE".