Corset tatt- that's actually really cool!

That is a cool blue ....

I love that this looks like Dutch Delftware Very unique and beautiful. This is my most favorite tattoo idea other than pin-up girls (old school style). I would take this and make it a little more "real old blue willow" - but love none the less.

Colorful, creative, corset, kawaii

Cake Inspired Corsets by Maya Hansen - I'm really shy about riots of color but this is really fun and close to the steampunk esthetic or at least how I envision it.

How to fit a Simplicity 9769 corset - really good guide on how to get a good fit

How to fit a Simplicity 9769 corset Simplicity 9769 069

Work in progress - corset with medusa snakes

Pretty lace applique. Sadly, can't find the original source. - lingerie at, where can i get lingerie, ballet lingerie *ad

Such beautiful details ~~~ Overbust Corset "Aphrodite" by ~v-couture-boutique Artisan Crafts / Textiles / Clothing ~v-couture-boutique. *swoons* Honestly, this is so perfect, I can't handle myself.

Lacey Corsette

White with black lace overlay corset This pattern is a beauty. All mine are Victorian under and over, but I'm branching out.

Brocade Classic Victorian Underbust Corset CorsetDeal,

- Long Brown Brocade Pattern Underbust with Brass Clasps - Steampunk Couture - Corsets Steampunk

Love this

Love the script fabric on the corset. Would be cute for a steampunk librarian outfit. <-- You have no idea how much I now want to be a steampunk librarian!

If only underbusts were comfortable...

Brande New And Exclusive steampunk/ Vintage Goth Corset