• Jackie Burvee

    So Funny. And So True.

  • Claudya Berglof

    I don't say anything, don't look at the window, don't open the door. I stay quite and wait until they leave... true story.

  • Jasmin Strickland

    Funny. sayings quotes #stranger #door #window #humor #funny #hilarious

  • patricia gonzalez

    Yup that's totally me I m the %1

  • Amanda Selvey

    😂😂😂 this is totally me. But usually I'll look through the peep hole and if I don't recognize the person then I sneak away and look through a window. Lol!

  • Jenny Byrnes

    So True!!! Is anyone else in the 1% for this? I do not answer the door to unexpected knocks. EVER! But before I don't answer, I turn into the ninja.

  • Kate

    Funny stuff...

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