Fat Blaster Workout : Back On Pointe

I did this create your own bootcamp 3 hours ago. My legs are like jelly - going to be sore tomorrow!

Daily Full body workout

Body weight workout- no weights necessary.

I'm going to do this tomorrow and actually tell you what my Polar FT4 says I've burnt. There's no way that's 1000 calories lol

Legs Workout


Snow day Exercise routine

A Weekend Workout


Full body workout

15 min. total body workout

Hotel room workout

Add this to the 30 day Arm Challenge and you'll have a full body workout! AT HOME!

VS Full Body Workout

full body circuit workout

A full body workout!

Easy workouts

Daily Workout Plan fitness

All over body workout...would make an ok hotel/vacay session

Cross fit workout--->I love how everything is a "cross fit" workout these days lol