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Princess Victoria with Mac, her scottie, on board the 'Victoria and Albert III'. 1909.

I'm making this Winston's puppy picture since we don't have one!!!

Superheros aren't supposed to sit in timeout

I ALMOST wish I lived someplace that snows so I could get a glimpse of my fur babies looking like this. Almost.

The new family pet ~ Detail from an ad for Merriespun Fabrics, 1957.

This puppy is adorable! Just looking at the picture I feel like I know this pup! Is it because I am a Schnauzer mom?

'The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever.' by KONSTANTIN TSIOLKOVSKY

Debbie Gotkowski Schueler CUTE! I thought maybe some of your little dogs might look cute in this. LOL!

This puppy is adorable. The image of a small wide-eyed dog in what appears to be a bucket attracts the eye in a less is more way.