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:-) I Love this!!

Bull Mastiff, English bulldog and a French bulldog.love this- my next dog will either be a french bulldog.or a bull mastiff (must have yard first for this one!) And a big ol shovel!

American Bulldog who shares my views!

A Boxer's tongue.a thing of beauty to behold! It gives the very best kisses in the world. Love my boxer. My old boxer had the longest tongue ever.


Gorgeous bull dog puppy eating an ice pop. This is the sweetest thing

I've posted this before ... but I just love the "emotion".  All our bully's think they are "special" LOL this guy just let's it be known !! Love this pic!

This is (most likely) a picture of best friends and the little sibling just wanting to be a part of their fun. Awwww poor little sibling.