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  • Jen Hilary

    differences between American and Dutch approaches to teen sexuality [article]

  • Jamie Hartman

    Time's article discussing the Netherlands attitude toward teenage love and sex.

  • Jord .

    "Teen birth rates are 8 times higher in the U.S. than Holland. Abortion rates are twice as high. The American AIDs rate is three times greater than that of the Dutch. What are they doing right that we're not? For starters, two-thirds of Dutch parents report allowing their teenage children to have sleepovers with their boyfriend or girlfriend..." Abstinence only sex education, shame, and the war on reproductive health are NOT helping solve these problems in America. It's time to acknowledge that human beings have sex, and teach them how to do so responsibly.

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As a Texan, I know firsthand that abstinence only education is a failure. My school taught me that having sex with one person is like having sex with hundreds of people, and that condoms have an 80% failure rate. These lies are not what we need to teach our children.

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Quite a contrast from how European-religious leaders treated child birth! South American deity of labor, child birth, & the 'female' warrior. Labor & delivery was so respected as to be revered as the battle between good & evil. Women who died in child birth were given a Warrior's burial - they are considered to have died fighting for all of humanity.

If the Air Force knew about these this is what they would hand out. Their two biggest lessons all in one. Haha

This is A MUST READ for any woman who has taken - or is taking - hormonal birth control!

Health Consequences of Oral Contraceptives -- never been on BCP's for even a day, but good resource anyway.

Bottom line: Effective arguing acted as something of an inoculation against negative peer pressure. Kids who felt confident to express themselves to their parents also felt confident being honest with their friends.