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  • Melissa Chavez (Temple)

    spooky abandoned places | whispered epiphanies~ | old, abandoned, & creepy places

  • Levanah Ruthschild

    in bjørke, møre og romsdal, norway. the closest to a copyright holder: hicksworth, on reddit. a commentor on that thread had been to the house, as it was just 5 minutes from his/her grandparents. the front steps lead to a set of windows. the entrance is in the back of the house. a rotten black hole next to the steps, or just burn marks from a fire.

  • Jodi Bakst

    Haunted House, or a Fixer Upper? What do you see?

  • Daisy Mae

    abandoned mansions in sacramento | Beautiful Abandoned House in the Mountains 5 out of 5 based on 3 ...

  • Becky Jones

    Beautiful Abandoned Homes In Tn | Beautiful Abandoned House in the Mountains 5 out of 5 based on 3 ...

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rubble around Hannelore's place- like seeing second damaged wall through the door- something based on this idea next to Hannelore's space USC not as Hannelore's space

Seeing places like this makes me ask many questions: who lived there? What were they like? How did they live? Think? What did they feel? What happened to them? So many unanswered questions...

abandoned school, completely awesome. I think this would be big enough to do all my pins to.

photo is very thought provocating. Peaceful and or creepy. Depends on the day. Beautiful I think, With God always present. Any door will open.

abandoned, lovely wood lattice... by Halit Volkan Cengiz

My dream is to one day restore a house like this, a house that others have given up on.

Abandoned places are most beautiful. by dawn How my camera and I could ramble on in here for hours!

Love the sky; the neglected derelict house breaks my heart - such beautiful architecture wasted

Not only do I love this shade of blue, I'm utterly captivated by all the little design elements woven into the facade of this house. How can you not be a little curious about what's inside this ecclectic little portal? -- Eve.

I would LOVE to walk through here when it looks like this! ("I ain't afraid of no ghosts!!")