Ford GT40 MK1. Possibly Ford's greatest creation (save for the Model T). Was born out of a feud with Enzo Ferrari and won - look up GT40 on wiki and you'll see what I mean.

The Ford GT40 1968 not only ran & won races, but Steve McQueen chose it for his movie “Le Mans” making it even more iconic. It was so widely known yet so rare and so all the reason for the car to be sold for $11 million in 2012.

1966 Super performance GT40 Mark II

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Ford GT

Ford GT

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Ford GT40

Classic Ford GT40...okay someone said classic gt40 on this... It is the Ford gt that was styled after the original gt40 that took the race world by storm. Ford created the gt40 in retaliation to Ferrari not allowing Ford to buy them out. So this is not a gt40 but looks similar. Corrected by EH :-)