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Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?...

Ron Weasley. Doesn't really look like Rupert Grint, but the long hair is definitely reminiscent of how he looked in the fourth movie.

Completely unashamed of my deep love for Ron Weasley

Ron:"Oh thats fine, just let me know when the know-it-all w/ bushy hair shows up,she's my future baby mama."

Ron skips stones. #DeathlyHallows. Cakepan deseu daripada Harry :p

Reason for each tear? Ronald Weasley. o-o

Okay so honestly my first thought upon seeing this was "He can do it both ways!" No seriously, my mouth can only pull up like that on one side. But yeah, I mean, cool picture of him aging and staying the same too I guess.

Cut off right below the goods. ;)

So many people feel its necessary to have the biggest and best. Nothing is wrong with that, as long as the important things come first. But I love a warm and cozy home. One that feels welcoming and is full of comfort, not stuff.