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Butter Beer Cupcakes - with box cake mix "On a scale of 1 to OMG how are they?" "Like completely OMG!!" Success! :D

Honeydukes Treat Bags. bags of gold & silver chocolate coins with a Gringots label, rock candy into “Exploding Crystals”, red thin licorice into “Dragon Veins” Of course everyone wants official Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans

Harry Potter fanarts by Hito76 (deviantart)


14 Charts That Only Harry Potter Geeks Will Understand | LMAO at Neville

Nearly-Every Spell known in the Harry Potter Series.

omg. this girl is crazy awesome. harry potter posters of all the books. can i have them all??? #wordnerd #harrypotter

Ministry of Magic ID card from Craft Your Fandom

This is so so WRONG. Remus would have had no idea of the whole Snape and Lily situation at that point and when it was revealed he was dead. Sorry but I had to rant about this

Harry Potters lovers, prepare to cry…yep, bawling... I can't believe it ended. I just want to see the rest of Harry's life! :( It was such a good story!

Must have.

I love how Rupert is like "yeah I think I still remember my line after that." And us Harry Potter fans are like "we never forgot."

Cute Harry Potter animation

OMG it's a sorting hat! done. im dead dying dead done. ahhhhh! - JMS 6 Quirky Engagement Ring Boxes

This set of Gryffindor house rings that double as an invisibility cloak*. | The 24 Most Magical Tributes To Hogwarts

Melissa Squires Ward

Facts You May Not Know About Harry Potter

PotterLOLs Harry Potter funnies

For all those Harry Potter fan's, this is the drink for you

Harry Potter Wedding.

And my heart died with this.

draco malfoy - harry potter

Harry Potter