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  • Katy Fleming

    mean girls, harry potter, and making fun of miley cyrus all in one picture! this just made my day

  • Della Hayden

    Hahahaha #miley #cyrus #harrypotter #meangirls #amazing

  • gretchen ortner

    miley cyrus is now draco malfoy. and so is kim kardashian.

  • Isabella Ortiz

    Mean Girls + Miley Cyrus + Tom Felton XD

  • Sarah Baldwin

    Yes!!!! @Jackie Jones @Kelsee Elders I knew we couldn't be the only ones who thought her new haircut looked just like Draco Malfoy! Which is an insult to Tom Felton,btw.

  • Lauren Geisenhoffer

    Hahaha! I love when mean girl quotes relate to real life!

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"YES!" This guy at work said "that is so fetch!" the other day and the girl he said it to had no idea what he was talking about and hasn't seen Mean Girls. So the next 3 clients that walked in he asked if they had seen the movie and they all said they loved it and blah blah blah. She felt like an idiot for sure.

This couldn't be more true!! Lol And Florida. That is PERFECT!! Haha

I seriously died both from cute overload and how awesome tumblr constantly is.

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