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"I'm Adopted" "What!? Oh my God! Who told you?!" Favorite movie parents ever. Plus a good movie. #EasyA

Story of my life

Winnie the Pooh (new one). Such a cute and well executed remake.

Best quote ever, loved this movie so much when I was younger!! now I want to watch it

I actually said this during one of my cross country practices and everyone that heard started cracking up! THANK YOU LEGALLY BLONDE!

remember the titans, then and now. Um, what happened there, Gerry? Ryan gets more and more attractive the older he gets. 😍

Because sometimes, you'll find any excuse not to leave the house. | The 12 Most Relatable Quotes From "The Grinch" -- hahahha♥

This is why girls from the 90s do not take no stuff at all. WE grew up with real cartoons that taught us something.

He just wound up on a desert isle, Castaway style and eventually found his way home several years later.

Grand Theft Auto By Kristen Wiig... My favorite part of the movie...

My dad and I can quote this entire movie verbatim. Fond memories.

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