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  • Stephanie Verdes

    SUPER STAR!! I remember watching this with my dad n when she made out with the tree or pole (w.e it was) we both we're like o.O wtf? N then died laughing!

  • Erica Steussie

    Superstar! She never failed to make me laugh. And it was my best Halloween costume, back in the '90's.

  • Melissa Damewood

    SUPERSTAR. This movie changed my life. I can't say that was a good thing.

  • Mary Jones Carmon

    SUPERSTAR. funny movie!

  • Sarah Mace

    Molly Shannon is great! She was so funny when she did these Mary Katherine Gallagher skits.....I don't know how she didn't hurt herself sometimes!!!!! Superstar!!!!!! LOL

  • Erika Forney

    SUPERSTAR. this was my absolute favorite movie as a kid....still kind of is...

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Superstar!! is a 1999 comedy film and Saturday Night Live spin-off about a quirky, socially inept girl named Mary Katherine Gallagher. The character was created by SNL star Molly Shannon and appeared as a recurring character on SNL in numerous skits.

Mary Katherine Gallagher...SUPERSTAR! #snl #mollyshannon

Oh Sky....I Love You! Nerdy Mary Katherine Gallagher wants to be a superstar so she can get a kiss from Sky Corrigan (Will Ferrell). Mary and her Special Ed friends practice and win the big talent show competition and Mary wins Sky's heart. But she soon finds out that Sky is a horrible kisser...with bad breath!

Mary Katherine Gallagher!

Lmao 1. You just read that in your head just like it sounds in the movie! 2. You laughed just as hard as if you were actually watching it!

Gotta love Super Troopers! lmao funny pictures dumpaday images (548)

"Have you ever tried to run in heels, Malcolm? Not that easy, not that easy...."

I love these two women! I feel like if I met either of them we'd be BEST friends!

I am rubber and you are glue.... -Superstar #Quote #Funny #Movie

now the question is which of my friends will I try this on first? absolutely genius.