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  • Annalisa Olivia Marchetti

    50 Things You Don't Need to Know. #trivia #useless #information #funny. I'm all about some useless knowledge, but I could have gone my entire life without knowing numbers 28 and 50.

  • Ashley Kobza

    50 Things You Don't Need to Know (especially #28 & # 50). Useless facts are my specialty. :)

  • Ruby Rodriguez

    #funfacts #knowledge #random

  • Meghan Taylor

    50 Things You Don't Need to Know... I love random facts!

  • Sarah Miller Binkerd

    50 Things You Didn't Need to Know but funny. Wish I didn't know about the chocolate bar...

  • Amanda Stahley

    50 Things You Don't Need to Know (fun facts of the day)

  • Candace Morgan

    Interesting facts. Number 50 is gross!!

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i only pinned it for the first one. i didn't even read the others.

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