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Ten psychological facts…I don't know their truth but they sound interesting.

WHOA! TOTALYY smelling bananas! YAY no more red heads!! And yes when you really hate someone EVERYTHING they do irritates you!! Yuck

We've made computers the size of an average sized book and moderately sized cars that run on a battery and yet nobody knows why the quack from a duck doesn't echo?

Things that you probably don’t know…

interesting facts

People are 50% more likely to agree to do what you ask if you speak into their right ear and lightly touch their forearm

How Many of These Did You Already Know?

Top 29 Collection Of #Random #Funny #Quotes That Go Viral This Year

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Here is a fact not mentioned above: A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N is the proper way to spell American.

Yeah tried to say M, P, and B without my lips touching...Impossible.