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"Earlier today, I cried while thinking about Snape as I was driving. I've hit a new level of nerd."

I don't even watch Spongebob and I find this incredibly amusing. Brittney Baker

That awkward moment when Alan Rickman is actually a nice guy unlike his character... But I love this :D

Rupert Grint is a boss, this makes me grin every time I see it.

Harry Potter cast on characters " I've got a red headed sister and.. I live in a burrow" ♥

My husband thinks this is creepy but I think this is just awesome!

OMG This is so perfect

Oh my God. French Voldemort - too much funny for so few words LMAO

Just keep talking about that little ball of light that went into your heart and she'll come around!

Laughed way too much at this ahahahahahahaha @Caitlin Burton Burton windle this is what I was on about!!,!,!,!,!

This is perfect. Regarding the actress that played Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and her having anorexia. For the misinformed-(Pardon the language in a few spots)