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    • Got Tama

      From Add your caption to this ground squirrel photo. "I said A-corns, not corn, you idiot!" "Honey, look quickly, is there anything in my teeth?" "Seriously, girl, it's an all-natural teeth whitener. I saw it on Pinterest!"

    • Kaylee Coleman

      Alan? Alan? Alan? Alan? Alan? Alan? Alan? Alan? STEEVE!? STEEVE?! STEEVE?! hee hee hee funny animals, its froma video

    • Merve S.

      Love it! lol watch the video here: #national #geographic #animals #video #youtube #funny #best #talking #nature #humor

    • Maggie Stewart

      You have to see the video to understand. Seriously though, I haven't laughed that hard in FOREVER.

    • Rachel Kangas

      YES YES YES I LAUGHED AT THIS VIDEO FOR DECADES!!! You have to see the video to understand.

    • Maricela

      Lmao. You have to see the video to understand. I laugh just as hard every time I see it.

    • Brieanne Wass

      Hahahaha if you've seen this video you'll laugh

    • Karla Rivera

      this video is just the funniest thing ever

    • Shannon Martin

      Animal crackers video!

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    Proof Women are born this way!

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    Guess what I use as a bean bag? A raisin. One time I smelled a smell from an old tennis sneaker and it knocked me right out.

    where yo' boyfriend at? girl the back of your head is ridikilous. Can I has yo numba!!! I LOVE THIS SKIT SO MUCH

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    The Big Bang Theory Flash mob! [Full version compilation]

    A man asks his wife how long it would take to travel 80 miles at the rate of 80 miles per hour....Oh my gosh this is hilarious, her reasoning... Well, look at her hair color ~ ijs

    only the best people understand the greatness of this