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'Wherefore art thou Romeo' means 'why must you be Romeo,' not 'where are you, Romeo.' Get it together, That's So Raven...

This pretty much sums up why I will miss excellent old Disney channel shows like Thats so Raven

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My whole life just fell into place. It's like the entire universe has been explained. I'm dying right now.

lie detector test: when they repeat themselfs to check themself and they misunderstand themselfs.... they are probly lieing or scared....

Raven Symone. I'm ready for that come back. She was hilarious and she had a really good voice.

  • Mary Victoria Crockett

    You should blame society, not her. She spoke her truth. She presented the world how it is, not how it should be. She said this is the world we live in, and didn't fudge over it. Your anger is misdirected. We should blame the people who drive people like her to feel as though they have to lie by a socially-acceptable and unattainable standard of perfection.

  • Lori Hutcherson

    I didn't say my comment out of angry directed towards you. I didn't mean it as angry. Not at all. I am angry at society. For making girls, and guys, feel like they arent going to be accepted because they arent skinny. I face it everyday. But I'm learning to accept to myself as I am, with a few improvements. Only because I want to improve for myself. Not for society.

  • Stephanie Cook

    Mary, society is not a "them", it's an "us". It's not anger, it's annoyance. Your weight does affect your health, despite "society" trying to lie and say it doesn't. Blaming society is her pathetic way of not owning up to the fact that she probably feels a lot better now. Not about her looks, but physically.

  • mackenzie helliker

    Raven looked better before she lost the weight

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That's So Raven. 2003-2007. Though Raven Symone can be pretty annoying , i did enjoy this show for the most part.

  • Alletta Gentry

    She is the greatest.

  • Jessica Moore

    I actually didn't like this show. To me this was kind of the beginning of the downward curve for Disney shows, they just started getting too over-the-top (with a few exceptions)

  • Lyah Alejandra


  • Emme Summar

    Miss that show! I have found episodes on line though so YAY!!!!

That's so raven. The best show ever created.

That's so raven...this is so funny!

Oh Raven! I miss you!!!! That's So Raven! one of my favorite shows!!!

This is seriously what I say to myself every time I hear something said about Romeo and Juliet.