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  • Jennifer Najera

    F-R-I-E-N-D-S Facebook status. I'm probably breaking some girl code but I totally side with Ross on this on. You were mad enough to go on a break and then the jealous thing didn't matter because he slept with someone else while he thought you were gone for good. There's a reason dudes think girls play mind games!

  • Ashley Simpson

    friends love!

  • Hallie Thurman

    literal facebook friends haha

  • Abigail Alexandra

    haha. friends humor

  • Anastasia Marie

    Giggling profusely...

  • Dayna Ascough

    we were on a break ~ oh heavens I laughed my hiney off!! That's awesome lol!

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i wouldve put "long distance relationship" but now i get to change it to either "in love" or "heartbroken" YAY ME.

"We think... We THINK the chick is going thru a little change. But we're getting a second opinion" :)

"We used to walk into each others apartments all the time. We're friends" "Nah, that was a TV show"

"The more I drink, the less there is for the kids to drink!" My friend Jesse would say this!! lol

Friends, then and now. Joey is gray!?

Friend advice: when someone is trying out a new look

'I went to that tanning place...'

A sign of the times! I was at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and at the reception the groom said, "Well, I guess I should update my facebook status!" True Story!

I would have SO done this, if I had had a roommate who wrote annoying little notes like this. What a turd.