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hahaha!!! Ill have to tell this to my kids

Haha. All the time




all the time

Achievement unlocked

More like "husband" but okay.

Also, if I could remember you more often, that would be awesome.

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is that you're stupid and make bad decsions

SO true.

Well you're gonna have to learn to not feel that way around me. You're not making me do anything. I'm WANTING and CHOOSING to wait for you and if ever I want to stop waiting for you I will do so, but I'm here to tell you that there's a 99.99999% chance that that will never happen. So there you go. I will be single until someone amazing changes that. Which I'm hoping is you again.

love everyone :)


People have been singing "Michelle" to me all my life...one of the only Beatles songs I can't stand only for that reason alone.

Do it for real!