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The remains of Caravaggio, the Renaissance artist, have been retrieved by scientists hoping to learn more about his death. The cause of Caravaggio’s death has been something of a mystery – various theories have been advanced over the years. Among the most common are that he was assassinated for religious reasons, and that he collapsed with malaria on a deserted beach.

Conversion on the Way to Damascus (1601), by Caravaggio

Possibly one of the most celebrated tragic tales of old is the story of The Nine Days' Queen, Lady Jane Grey. Lady Jane was called The Nine Days' Queen but in fact reigned for a fortnight. She sat on the throne of England after her cousin, King Edward VI, died at a very young age. Her claim to the throne was dubious at best, but she was placed unwillingly on it due to her Protestant faith. She was behead on Feb. 12, 1554. She was 15 years old.