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    Rujak Kangkung

    Petis Kangkung..atau Kangkung Petis ?..^^

    Resep Rujak Cingur TUMIS KANGKUNG BUMBU PETIS #resep

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    Rujak kangkung / Boiled water spinach with chili sauce Rujak Kangkung RUJAK PENGANTIN #resep PLECING KANGKUNG #resep

    Rujak Uleg Festival.@Sepeda Motor ‚ÄúRujak Uleg‚ÄĚ Festival Indonesia have different kind of Rujak or Rojak, there is Rujak Uleg or Rujak Manis. Rujak uleg, is one of traditional foods which commonly come from East Java, especially from Surabaya. Rujak uleg is kind of salad with shrimp paste sauce that pestle with bean, chilli and garlic. While, the salad is about cucumber, bean sprout, water spinach, cake rice or lontong, tofu, soy bean cake or tempe, pineapple. ES RUJAK KECAPI #resep RUJAK KUAH PINDANG BALI #resep

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    Resep Masak Kangkung Berkuah: Tumis Kangkung Terasi RUJAK MI TABUR JUHI #resep

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