Save the drama for your mama. Or @Kat Molesworth.

"Defense Mat" This is a funny door mat. $20 via Fancy designed by Reed Wilson

Always Walmart

lmao...love her, but still laughing.

Washing instructions Clothes Label says Or give it to your mother She knows how to do it. washing clothes in college away form mom,

I need to hang this in my guest room. haha!

AHAHAHa! Could be me?! lol


hahahaha!! funny!!


A note for you...

I have!


Free Mustache Rides - http://dailyfunnypic.com/free-mustache-rides/

too funny!

I Don't Have Brain Farts, My Brain Completely Shits Its Pants From Time To Time. Sign 12x12 Sign Painted Sign funny sign on Etsy, $28.00

You Will Never Leave the House Drunk Again

yep [=

So great

I foresee this as a great prank war finale. this would be the be all end all. i'm keeping it in my arsenal