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    • Abby Van Slyke

      And people wonder why I step back. No need for flakes or people who aren't there for you the way you are there for them. it's one thing to say "if you ever need anything ...." and to actually be there when that person actually needs the help. That's when you see who you're real friends are. It's a shame I can only count on one hand if that the people I would call a true friend.

    • Miss Cassie

      so true, what's unfortunate is as you grow the ones you thought were true or once were are not anymore...

    • Magan Garrett

      Yep! So true slowly explaining this to Alyssa.....first I teach her to be kind and friendly to all.....but then loyalty and who your real friends are.

    • Kristin Angleton Bryant

      And you learn the hard way for this life lesson. This is so true!!!

    • Camille Dumas

      So true! Thanks to my "real" friends for always being there.

    • Kristi Lynn

      So true! Love my best friends :)

    • Creative Butterfly

      Yep! #friends #realfriends

    • Bounce and Rebound

      Best Friend Quote

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