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This would make an amazing tattoo! I would make the girl look more like me though if I get it.

love this placement for my CA+ poppy on my right arm...maybe for my 25th bday?

I love the idea of the owl holding the key. If I ended up getting it, I would make the key the same as the one from house that burned down, which I still have on my key chain.

Again, a girl looking at a kite in the sky... reminds me of the balloon. BTW, I like how this girl is possibly recognizable, but not too specific/literal.

Beautiful bird tattoo! I love this one, esp the placement and size! CLICK THE PIC and Learn how you can EARN MONEY while still having fun on Pinterest

Typographic Tattoo: Helvetica Ampersand by Chris Hold, via Flickr

A collection of film camera tattoos over at Shooting Film

I like this except I would quote Stevie Nicks "I climbed a mt & turned around." With a mt in the background.

ok how have i never thought of tattooing the world on my back?! then i can put a dot to all the countries i've been. but then it would have to be a political map with all the country borders and that might get excessive and painful. nevermind the whole thing.

"Life's Roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors." love it want to get!

Love, Love, Love this! "thy word is a lamp unto my feet & a light unto my path"