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  • Jennifer Borch

    Abisko, in the middle of the auroral zone, is considered to be the best place on earth to see the Aurora Borealis. With its fresh, clear air and its practically permanent cloud-free sky the prerequisites in Abisko are optimal. More or less active northern lights can be seen almost every night.

  • Beth Paulsen

    Winter camping under the aurora borealis

  • Katie S. Taylor

    I want to camp under the Northern Lights. Advenure time"Camping under #northernlights and #auroraborealis"

  • Hannah Dale

    Bucketlist: See the Northern Lights in north-country.

  • Chibbon Coholan

    Camping under the Aurora Borealis in Abisko, Sweden... Add this to the bucket list!

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Starry Night in the Shadow of the Aurora Night! - Photo was taken on October 24, 2011 in Woolwich, Ontario, Canada - Image Credit : Andrew Cameron, via Flickr.

Aurora Borealis in Abisko, Sweden.I dont know which country yet, buut i need to run across the aurora borealis

Aurora Over Norway - Besides this spectacular multicolored aurora, the photographer caught three satellite streaks, one airplane streak, and a friend trying to capture the same sight. Although auroras might first appear to be moonlit clouds, they only add light to the sky and do not block background stars from view. Called northern lights in the northern hemisphere, auroras are caused by collisions between charged particles from the magnetosphere and air molecules high in the Earth's atmosphere.

Aurora Borealis, Sweden ~A beautiful curved band of aurora over snow covered trees in Swedish Lapland. #nature #landscape

Sweden.... a week at sea on the family's sail boat around the Archipelago Islands of Sweden.

Sweden; heerlijk zwemmen in het wonderschone water en dan opdrogen op de door de zon verwarmde stenen

A fantastic display of Aurora Borealis from the last trip of the Aurora season back in March. Its far too light now to see even the strongest aurora anywhere in the Arctic Circle.

OMG it's Norway again!!! I am convinced this must be the most magical country on earth!

Northern lights in Lappish winter. What a beautiful way to realize that there is potential to be more. If the sky can illuminate with such beautiful colors think about the possibilities we have that lay latent. Check out ways to tap into your inner potential here:

Purple Aurora Borealis, Þingvellir National Park, Iceland