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I used this girls Youtube video tutorials to do this bow, it looked so funny on me. Fun and silly styles.

long, straight, blunt bob

Sigh, see, I don't need the riches, I just need you, my dear muses, for we are rich in love and beauty.

I have long hair...I just have to figure out how to work it!

I think i'm gonna do my hair like this tomorrow :) if only it was this long too!

Short hair - haven't had my hair this short since high school! And it was a big mistake then - and my face is even MORE rounded now with the extra weight. But maybe it would look different with the layers and fluffed out like that? Or just a bad idea anyway, given my face shape; I've read that round faces shouldn't have hair right around the face like that, the length accentuates the shape.

Flower hair style

This changed my life. Before, I curled towards the face and wondered why I looked like a circa-1994 soccer mom. Away from the face = Hollywood. Towards the face = soccer mom.