The good old days.....

I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him Daffy Duck being held by the abominable snow man.

Oh the memories #RememberThis

I say, I say, listen up boy, Foghorn Leghorn, my favourite rooster of all time. I had/have a huge collection of Foghorn items

Miss Prissy and Foghorn Leghorn

I used to watch WB cartoons every day after school--Miss Prissy and Foghorn Leghorn

photos of underdog cartoon show - Google Search

Nostalgia has been a recurring theme in recent years, and one of the areas delved into was cartoon classics, like perennial rhyming canine favorite Underdog. Joe Harris, who was pivotal in the creation of cartoon superhero Underdog, shared inside.

Foghorn Leghorn LOL  I say I say I say boy...

Foghorn Leghorn "You are a chicken, and I am a chicken hawk." -- Saturday morning cartoons Bought these for the kids.funny stuff still today!

Remember when

Remember when

Loony Toons :)

Looney Tunes Cartoon Characters - My favorite all-time cartoon character is Daffy Duck!