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Some beautiful quotes to get through the day…

accion poetica

Im trying my best to remember i've promised i will never remember you, but, i think ill still have some feelings for you, is that, you hurt me, you used me, and seeing you with a girl, telling her "you like her" kills me, no, no, remember, forget him, i just... i thought you really loved me, im so stupid, i just want o die, thanks for "everything" ...

Love me and all my craziness, or love me not at all.

F Scott Fitzgerald

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Doctor Who ---so this was meant to go into another board but y'all seem to enjoy so I'll keep it here. Enjoy Martin! ♥


I'm pretty sure this is from Eleanor & Park.



I always tell my kids the salt water cures everything!! #beachlove #sunnydays #rainydays #anyday #cureall #saltlykisses #sandytoes


Positive Thinking

Over the past couple months I have been truly blessed with family great friends by my side and a savior that loves me regardless.....

life begins after coffee

Annie Oakley

This is absolutely adorable :)

"Life is full of little pleasures."

Keep calm