Love to crochet!

How to crochet a magic ring

How to use the adjustable "magic" loop: crystal-clear instructions from Purlbee #crochet #loop #DIY #craft

Crochet this!

Magic circle tutorial

Crochet Basics #crochet

crochet flower pattern

crochet rings

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A great crochet tutorial and pattern site!

It's crocheting, but it's knitting. Oh My!


Video Tutorial for a beaded, crocheted flower edging. All instructions are in Japanese but it should be easy to follow along visually.

crocheted flower

-^^- FREE HOW TO --- crochet pattern for the flowers, how to start a magic ring, and how to join the flowers. THIS might be THE pattern for my T-shirt yarn bathroom carpet !!!


Learn to Crochet by Making Amigurumi Pattern GC45107 - Called “amigurumi” in Japan—translation “knitted doll”—little crocheted animals and dolls have become a favorite of collectors worldwide.

Beginning crochet tips and tricks like how to count stitches, where the next stitch should go, etc. Great pictures. 1 more try with yarn?