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I want my children to know the Easter story.  I want them to be able to tell it to me and know it in their heart. Resurrection Eggs.

Resurrection eggs:Teach children the true Easter story by finding 12 eggs filled with the timeline of Jesus' Resurrection. Also hide other eggs filled with treats but when they bring to you, you can go over the story with them.

Love these DIY Resurrection Eggs!  I've been looking for an idea that doesn't involve little items in eggs that my young ones will lose or put in their mouths.

DIY Resurrection Eggs: Tell the Easter Story

DIY Resurrection Eggs: Tell the Easter Story. How to make wooden resurrection eggs to use year after year.

12 days of Easter

delia creates: 12 Days of Easter scripture activity or object lesson for church

DIY Resurrection Eggs for Teaching Toddlers and Preschoolers about Easter - Made to Go with the Jesus Storybook Bible

DIY Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers and Preschool Kids

Create a set of DIY resurrection eggs for toddlers and preschoolers to learn about Easter, made to go with the Jesus Storybook Bible for easy teaching.

#1 Donkey - The disciples brought the donkey and placed their cloaks on it for Jesus to sit on and Jesus entered Jerusalem. Matt 21:6-10.  #...

Guest Post: 20 Resurrection Eggs for Easter

Resurrection Egg Printables & Games:

Resurrection Egg Printables & Games: Lots of great preschool printables for more than just Easter

Easter- printable resurrection eggs that match Benjamin's Box and the resurrection eggs by Family Life.

"Benjamin's Box" and the "Resurrection Eggs" By: Family Life . Easter printable resurrection eggs that match