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Henry Deacon

Henry Deacon is a jack of all trades. He is first introduced as a the local repairman, but it turns out he doesn't really work on cars very often. A little after Jack first meets Henry, he mentions he is an engineer. When Jack inquires about this, thinking he is was a train engineer, he says that he...

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Eureka. I do not like the word evolved(in this context)....This is funny though.

Eureka: I've followed it from the beginning, and Sheriff Jack Carter in a town full of geniuses just never gets old. Great-hearted, and with superb chemistry between the leads, I am not looking forward to its final episode.

Eureka-I miss this show One of the greatest shows ever made. SyFy was stupid to cancel it.

Eureka, The best TV show EVER!

eureka love this show wish they would bring it back!