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Official Portrait of Mitt Romney


a pompous, arrogant, smirking douche

What a moron....


Boehner rejects call to pass tax cuts now for those making less than $250,000 - First Read

He may NEVER finish!!!!


You Betcha!

Silly Mitt.....


"Obamacare kills jobs...lie, Obama wants to allow you to collect welfare and not work...lie, Obama is not American...LIE, Obama wants to kill medicare...LIE, this is the best one yet...Huckabee says Obama kills babies..HUGE LIE. I mean this has gotten out of hand already. And if you think I am wrong about any of these, just check out or politifact...all these sites have given these things pants on fire status!"


Todd Akin, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Missouri, believes that the female reproductive system shuts down when a woman is being raped, thus preventing conception. If a woman gets pregnant then she wasn't really raped.

Michele Bachmann

Post-conf. interviews with LaBron and DWade


American Idol Logo

Joseph Kony The head of the Lord's Resistance Army, a guerrilla group trying to establish a theocratic government, Kony has driven the killing of civilians in Uganda and, more recently, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic and Sudan. Under Kony the LRA has displaced 2 million people and Kony has directed the abduction of 60,000, including 30,000 children, forcing them to fight in his campaign of murder, rape, mutilation and sexual slavery. He reputedly forces chi...

gotta love the trump

Sarah Palin