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    I wish I could meet a few of the "Rare" Characters like Meg... oh the conversation we would have!

    When my fiancé and I went to Disneyland, we got told by a lot of people that we resembled Herc and Meg! I took it as a compliment! :)

    Baby princess + I am The Lord Sean Alinaghian Trance, music, love, food and meow ❤

    Hercules: Oop, careful. Megara: Sorry. Weak ankles. Hercules: Oh yeah? Well, maybe you better sit down for a while. Just because, you know... I'm her. :)

    Forget about innocent storylines and tired film sequels; artists like Dante Taylor give us a different perspective of these once-sweet-and-dainty damsels.

    Meg's not a Disney princess, she's kinda a Disney goddess.

    Meg from "Hercules" She's my favorite even though she's not technically a princess, she actually did something with her life besides just fall in love...she stood up to Hades and risked her life for Hercules'.

    Hercules and Megara, for some reason this picture reminds me of Arron didonna and heather williams. Wierd!