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Green Lantern Kyle Rayner - my favorite, a cartoonist and graphic designer becomes the last Green Lantern in the universe and his creativity is everything.

Blake Lively as the Star Sapphire (based on the live action film)

Blake Lively as SS Carol Ferris

Star Sapphire - Carol Ferris (Okay- get serious... I mean, htf does that outfit stay on while she is in flight? Look at the lack of would balloon out the second she got up a touch of speed....boys

  • Dax Stryker Torres

    You're missing the violet aura that is protecting her from the natural elements, like the wind. No joke, they move to fast (in flight) to breath properly.

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Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire - Carol's got the ring, oopsie

demonsee: Star Sapphire, cosplayed by GraceyDarling Read More: www.comicsallianc...

Green Lantern - New Guardians: Violet