things you can do filters, dryer sheets, marshmallows, clear nail polish, and toothpaste,

This list has some of my favorite unusual uses for toothpaste like cleaning fingernails, foggy headlights and more! For something so inexpensive, it sure does a lot of great things.

...many other uses for coffee filters other than making coffee. and they're cheap.

Lots of Cleaning Secrets- this is probably the most useful list of cleaning tricks

Toothpaste Squirt Lesson for teaching kids not to be rude and put down others.

How To Wash & Whiten Yellowed Pillows | One Good Thing by Jillee

A quick tip for replacing your dryer sheets with this everyday kitchen item. It lasts up to a year!

40 Secret iPhone Features & Shortcuts -- So glad I know these things now!

50 most used household tips and tricks on Hometalk!

Mug with a hoop

Parmesan Lids Fit On Canning Jars. I do this all the time now. These lids are great for so many things.

10 uses for coffee filters {pictured here-DIY air freshner for ref}

The best times to buy things.

How to Escape from Zip Ties. Good to know, and probably a good thing to teach your kids as well. Scary, but good.

Ideas & Inspiration on teaching daughters homemaking skills - 30 posts (i could prob use it too!)

love to clean with it.



BEST soap scum remover!! This REALLY works well. After trying a few other Pinterest suggestions, I made this. It's odd, but it's GREAT. Make a vinegar "gel" by thickening vinegar with cornstarch. The vinegar CLINGS to what ever you spray it on...thus gives it more time to work. A little detergent cuts grease. I heated 1 cup of vinegar and 1 T corn starch in the microwave for 2 minutes. Add 2 T dish detergent and put it in a spay bottle. Spray. Wait 1hr. Wipe. Rinse.

How to Remove Pee Stains from your mattress, and remove the smell! It's easy, quick, natural, and it WORKS!

Teaching Children About Service and Service Projects for Kids Ideas - #service