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Don't get me wrong, I hate people, but it's not because of introversion.  It's because people are stupid.

Carl Jung is so trendy. Years ago, he really made introversion and extroversion a thing. People ran with it. And suddenly it’s 2013 and everybody is misusing the word introvert. You are not an introvert. No you’re

Daily Tips And Motivation | Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking –  by Susan Cain

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking – by Susan Cain I need to read this book one day

Problems only introverts will understand

30 Problems Only Introverts Understand…I'm beginning to realize I'm much more introverted than I thought I was. This very much describes me.

Sounds like my cats.

That's enough for the weekend

Introvert Cat: I saw people through the window today. That's enough social interaction.

Or they just look away and hope for someone more interesting to start talking. Trust me, I'm hoping for that too, lol! #intovertprobs

Socially Awkward Penguin: Try to contribute to conversation; everybody talks over you until you just stop trying to contribute.

I relate really hard to this. Every time I actually explain my feelings on certain subjects to people.

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Well, that is what people tell me. I try to explain this to people when they don't understand my first thought then they get even more confused. Story of my life Yayyay

Introvert joke

Introvert Cat - Sitting by yourself. person decides you must be lonely and comes over Damn

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

How many introverts does it take to change a light bulb? "Why does it have to be a group activity?

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Quiet Voices with Loud Ideas

I love anxiety cat

totally went through this with a family member yesterday! I'm still on the "Shouldn't have said it" side of the fence. LOL <--- yeah, this is me most of the time.

Introverts aren't broken and need to "fixed".  We're just different and that's a good thing.

Being An Introvert

I love this, it's taken me so long to realize that I am truly an introvert. That's why sometimes I need to decompress after being around a ton of people all day.I am an introvert and that's okay.