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Accountable Talk Bubbles for Literacy & Problem Solving - Student led conversations accountable to the learning content or text is the heart of accountable talk. Appropriate group talk can be taught. The talk bubbles are simply a visual reminder of how people respectfully share opinions, ideas, and thoughts.

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Visual literacy is a 21st Century Skill that requires students to interpret, use and create media in ways to encourage critical  thinking, decision-making, communication and learning.

Step 5(a): Evaluate your resources. Think you can just use Google? Think again. The LaTrobe University Library highlights the importance of evaluating your resources for scholarly research.

There are quite a few apps you should know about. We went through and compiled dozens of the best apps for teachers who don't have time to do so themselves!

Inference: How do you think this boy feels about his dinner? What makes you think so?

Becoming a 21st century educator

Google docs If you don't use Google Docs in your classroom yet, you're crazy. Amazing the collaboration it creates with peers and teacher and how much students truly grow visually seeing you work with them on their writing.

Great for the beginning of the year!

Ray Bradbury Predictions Fulfilled would work as a great supplement for a high school English class.

Hello Literacy: Marzano

A Visual Primer On Learning Theory

Team building/ ice breakers...LIST of MANY icebreakers or team-building exercises! Great for #Summercamp #OutdoorEducation #YouthGroup

Inference: Why is this man on the floor? What makes you think so?

Novice to Expert: How To Coach Through The Stages Of Learning In 3 Simple Steps Infographic #coaching

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Scaffolding in Education - Steps and Strategies

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A helpful representation of the multiple intelligences for all us visual-spatial learners.

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