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35 Interesting Ways to use Google Docs in the Classroom

Google docs If you don't use Google Docs in your classroom yet, you're crazy. Amazing the collaboration it creates with peers and teacher and how much students truly grow visually seeing you work with them on their writing.

Edutopiafrom Edutopia

The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now)

The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now) | Edutopia

This is the best! Figurative language examples from lots of different movies, with a little quiz at the end!

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Accountable Talk Bubbles for Literacy & Problem Solving

Accountable Talk Bubbles for Literacy & Problem Solving - Student led conversations accountable to the learning content or text is the heart of accountable talk. Appropriate group talk can be taught. The talk bubbles are simply a visual reminder of how people respectfully share opinions, ideas, and thoughts.


Figurative Language Reference Sheet

Here's a quick review or reference sheet for students to use during a poetry unit. I love teaching poetry and love to give the kids a chance to make up their own examples of figurative language and poetry terms. Often, I give out 4-5 whiteboard pens to the students and ask them to write an examp

Visual literacy is a 21st Century Skill that requires students to interpret, use and create media in ways to encourage critical  thinking, decision-making, communication and learning.

Dewey Decimal Numbers for Kids. If you ever wished you had an easy breakdown of the Dewey Decimal System to share with others (aka "non library people"), this is for you.

Step 5(a): Evaluate your resources. Think you can just use Google? Think again. The LaTrobe University Library highlights the importance of evaluating your resources for scholarly research.