• Tay Anderson

    home theatre room. This would just be so sick if you had a little attic space! What a great family room.

  • Holly Franke-Malinish

    Cause my dream house has a movie room in the attic!

  • Megan Konchar

    bonus room or attic space

  • Lianna Montgomery

    An attic turned into a home theater room. i want to build my house with attic space like this for this purpose! BASICALLY WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH ALL MY OLD MOVIE THEATER STUFF!

  • Catherine Deloughery

    Great idea for an attic space. Movie room?

  • Graciela Ripoll

    I love this idea for an attic space. I had clients that were married and the husband wanted to do this and I think the wife's exact words went something like over my dead body. In her defense, I am not sure I would want to sleep belo are surround sound bounding media room either.

  • Elizabeth Terry

    Dream house .... tv room in the attic!

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