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    Gigglesnort Hotel...I think I may be the only person who every watched this show....Blob rocks.

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    The Gigglesnort Hotel

    Gigglesnort Hotel (Opening)

    really weird show but I loved it...The Gigglesnort Hotel.

    Loved this show.

    1970's ICEE - this was a real treat for me and my brother at our local K-mart.

    My brothers had this.

    1970's Evel Knievel toys

    Vintage Icicles : Its the really old aluminum kind! .... Only my Mother was allowed to put these on the tree. Daddy, my brother and I were not even allowed to touch the package they came in. She said we threw them on the tree - and of course, she placed them one at a time. But our trees were always so beautiful.

    hoppity hop

    he was a cute monkey

    Mattel electronic football. I never could figure this stupid thing out.

    Cap Bomb - had this exact one.

    M milkman


    The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show

    Evel Knievel My brother had this

    Superfection - as if Perfection wasn't hard enough.

    Coleco Electronic Quarterback, real football...well, as real as a few LED dashes can mimic football.

    Stretch Armstrong. I remember my brother had this and we would pull so hard stretching him the distance.

    Six million dollar man action figure. Had one. Loved it!