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Stormtrooper Y-M-C-A. Is the song stuck in your head yet?

Star Wars Stormtrooper head clock by TheobaldGraphics on Etsy, $35.00

Star Wars Darth Maul Head Tie Bar $34

There is no "type of girl" who loves Star Wars. There are people, and the particularly awesome ones love the original pre-CGI enhanced trilogy. Everyone else GTFO.


Vader heading to the hanger on the Death Star 1




Star Wars - Stormtrooper...


Death Star groom's cake! Lord give me a husband who would have this awesome of a cake at our wedding :)

I pictured that going differently in my head..

I WAS ALL LIKE, "I'm not going to fall for this; I refuse to say the line in my head" and then my brain goes, well... you know.

US flag enamel cuff links

The Death Star plays a central role in the Star Wars movies. And now, you can display the Death Star proudly on your chest as you march around an ugly xmas sweater party. But this isn’t just any Death …

stormtrooper cat