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  • Kam Tetley

    IT'S THEIR WORLD TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell Forest Service to Reduce Cattle Grazing to Protect Arizona Wild Horses! Please take a minute to tell the Forest Service that they must reduce this taxpayer-subsidized grazing on our public lands in order to provide some habitat for the cherished Heber wild horses that are living in a "protected" wild horse habitat. Public lands belong to all Americans, not just cattle ranchers! PLEASE SPEAK OUT TODAY BY SIGNING & SHARING WIDLEY!

  • 🎀 L i z 🎀

    Icelandic Horse on the Run ~ BEAUTIFUL HORSE

  • Karen

    Redhead Beauty

  • Maddy Hamlin

    The icelandic horse. That's a pretty horse

  • Fran LaFortune

    The icelandic horse- I think I want a tattoo like this!!! such a beautiful animal!!!!

  • Jeana

    Ridiculously photogenic horse - Beautiful horse looking ridiculously photogenic like a model.

  • Jenny Vazquez

    The icelandic horse. Or, as I like to call it, the diva horse that has great hair and is taunting me.

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Beautiful! Really makes me miss riding! Maybe when we get out to Colorado. I know I'll be buying a horse for the girls.

Horses - I knew when I saw this that it was a Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman) photograph. Lovely.

Image Spark - Image tagged "horse", "beauty", "photography" - patacho3

Icelandic Horse In The Wild. Photo Credit: Georg Vilhjálmsson

Pearly Erwyn, a two-year-old buckskin and white colt/stallion, with a pearl gene, hence his lighter colouration and blue eyes. Photo by Corinne Eisele.

...of the Shaggy White Pony I used to tell to Abi about in a story called "Abi's Apples" when Abi was a toddler.

"I could stare at this gal all day long..." - Traci French #MrsFrench #BlissBlog

Here be magic in my eyes- Look closely now and do not cry, And here be magic in my sigh, Don't question now, don't ask me why There be magic in my eyes ...Noire ®/poem by Susan Miller

Reminds me of my big cozy boy Bandit I used to ride in S.F. He was my last huge horse love. I cried when he was gone.

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OH MY GOODNESS!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL HORSE!! YET, ........I have YET, to see OR find one that I don't think I could say, ...... was NOT! :)