"Originally we wanted it to be yellow to represent how “yellow birds” represent the warning signs to keep people alive in dangerous situations (miners in mines) and he has truly been my yellow bird. But we love it so much just a solid black outline, and we know what it means so that’s all that matters!" -FYeahTattoos Done by Jimmie “Tom Cruz” Hayes at Liquid Chaos, Dearborn MI.

black daisy tattoo

♡ Dove



love this outline

So pretty

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Make up tattoo

So pretty

foot tatoo.

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Top left... others are too cartoonish

Black....LOVE The Shading

Granddads birthday


i adore this.. the shading, the sketch like affect.. the movement and interaction between the two birds. Shape is wrong. Too round.

Love silhouettes, though these are all a little too thick and blocky for my taste. Too much solid black. I think I'd like it a little more like a black and white photograph with beautiful grey tones to it.

Quetzal inspiration

Black and grey