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I need to go. Maybe I can find someone who's willing to trade shoes. Genius I tell you! ;)

this is freakin awesome! my dad needs to get this tattooed on his foot

so cool, tattooed prosthetic leg - inspiring amputees ... @cybercast70

This obviously isn't something I would get, but the style of art is awesome. Love it.

Tatttttttoo It is new, and it is by Ryan Mason who is amazing. It's still healing here, so is a little flakey.

blue geometric ink. Very nicely done. Not something I would personally have but I do appreciate the look.

Love that this is symetrical. If you're going to use up all skin your real estate at least do it in a way that isn't confusing to look at.

arm or the back of your legs in my mind^^ would never get, but still so neat

black and white! love this! if i get a sleeve it will look like this! not all filled in :]