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  • Tory Johnson

    This is pretty cool espically since I already know how to make my own chalk board paint :) Paint the inside of a lunchbox with chalkboard paint so you can write messages to your kid. How sweet!

  • Kimberly Monroe

    Paint the inside of a lunchbox with chalkboard paint so you can write messages to your kid. v. cute idea. - of course that means finding a 'paintable' lunch box these days!!

  • Lisa Jesseman

    Chalkboard paint the inside of a lunchbox! Great idea for sweet messages and reminders;)....Must do this with Shawn's lunch box! I always write him a note on a napkin!

  • Meredith Kirkland

    a metal lunch box sounds like trouble, but this chalkboard paint would be so fun for writing lunch notes!...,, such a cute idea for a little Kid

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Paint your child's lunch box to leave a note inside! I adore this!

Clever tip: Chalkboard paint inside a lunchbox - or do it in an old one for toy storage and creative play.

Chalkboard Paint on the inside of your child's lunchbox! This is so cool! I'm doing this 4 sure.

chalk board lunch box... This isn't my photo, but my son Jack LOVED Thomas when he was little

love. chalkboard paint is so amazing for so many reasons! although i did love the secret codes that Becky Cerio used to write on my napkins ( :

Never thought of painting the inside of a medicine cabinet until now! Brilliant!

Message in an Egg! 1-Empty egg: make2 small holes in the oposite ends of raw egg using a needle. 2-Wash gently to remove excess; let dry. 3-Paint w/ plastic paints. 4-Write message on a thin strip of paper, roll up & put in the larger hole of the egg.

Please yes!!!! For a baby shower, instead of getting cards to go with the baby gift, get a children's book and write a special message to the baby. :) LOOOOOVE THIS IDEA

A library book return basket with chalkboard date reminder! Easy and cheap to make!

These might make cute valentines. Write "Be Mine" or just a smiling heart inside.

Message Eggs. Just remember to wait a few days for the leftover egg to dry that didn't come out before you put the note in.