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My fantabulous cousin Camille's newest illustrations. Available Feb. 28th.

Fishpond NZ, Snow White by Camille Rose Garcia (Illustrated ) Grimm Brothers. Buy Books online: Snow White, ISBN Camille Rose Garcia (Illustrated by) Grimm Brothers


Camille Rose Garcia & Alice's Adventures in Wonderland : Inspiration by Karen Horton - design:related

"The Suffocating Corset"

"The Suffocating Corset", Camille Rose Garcia, Limited Edition from the Snow White Series

'My goodness, my goodness! they all exclaimed. What a beautiful child!' The dwarves are delighted to discover Snow White in their house. Illustration: Warwick Goble, 1923.

The Annotated Brothers Grimm: in pictures

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs How the Grimm brothers transformed how we think about language.

Beasts of the Northern Wild

Beasts of the Northern Wild, a collage by Paperworker (Lynn Skordal). Cut & paste collage (paper on paper)