Looking Out The Barn Window


Face in the Window, Italy (It makes you wonder why the face in the window in a slowly decaying kitchen. It could be that she was waiting for him to come back from the war to their house but sadly he never did so she had to leave their beloved home and the memories that made her cry at all the maybes or what if's or what could have beens.) Does make you curious though, doesn't it?





winter outside the window

Bench in a park in winter, Belgrade, Serbia -

snowy window

stillness and light

Winter Lake - Sometimes, I need to be reminded just how beautiful winter is. When you live in a part of the world that is covered by snow for at least 4-5 months a year, you tend to complain - until you are reminded of the beauty.

winter snow

Snowdrift right up to the window

red on white

Winter Snow & Light

Stunning corner: Places.

red barn Love

waiting for spring

winter views